The next ICO like EOS you can’t miss

Bdaq, a token exchange and a startup registered in the Switzerland’s crypto valley  and lacking a central office, has accomplished an astounding feat like no other. It is offering a solution for billions of tokens to be bought and sold in real time before actually being listed on exchanges.

The magnitude of the offering can only be explained by what you missed. It has similar growth prospects as some of the top ICOs of the past. You may remembered a tiny little idea called EOS : which extracted more than $700 million in real money from ICO investors around the global by selling their tokens. Similar to Initial Public Offering, they used ICO, which is Initial Coin Offering to create this liquidity for themselves.

The interesting concept is that buyers get digital tokens – these tokens increase in value based on when you participated and the price they open at when they are actually tradable on the crypto exchanges like

There are three stages to most ICO’s

Private Sale

Pre sale

Crowd Sale

Each stage offers a different value proposition to the one before. Those who participate early and pick the right ICO can earn a boat load of cash.

The purchase agreement that buyers in almost all ICO’s must sign states this very clearly and for EOS this is what they said :

The EOS tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities and features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities and features on the EOS Platform

Some people say, the only thing buyers in this ICO get is a hope that token price will go up, that is not true. Picking the right ICO’s and doing your due diligence is the key.   Hope goes far when you done your homework and didn’t just throw money.

You must look at what is the value and the concept of the ICO?

Does it have demand?

Does it solve an existing problem?

Will lots of people benefit from it?

What are they solving?

In EOS’s case, those who participated at the right time won big. This is the case with the next big thing, the next big ICO. Bdaq.


Bdaq solves a fundamental problem. It allows all the token holders of the world to be able to sell your tokens as and when you want to.

It allows you to liquidate your assets so you can spend that money to make additional investments

It shortens your cycle time between investments

It could actually predict the opening price of the token when it gets listed on the exchanges.

There are million of token holders already, it gives them a solution they currently don’t have.

EOS went from force to force

The price of the token has skyrocketed, though prices vary around the globe, depending on the exchange where EOS is traded. At the moment I’m writing this, on the top 10 exchanges by EOS volume, prices range from $9.67 at Bithumb to $8.54 at Binance.

In mid-October, the price was still in the 50-cent range. So to people who bought at the time, it doesn’t matter that they own not even one iota of the company or its world-changing technology platform or whatever because since mid-October the price has multiplied by 19. That’s all that matters.

This is the kind of oppertunity, which changes lives and this is what Bdaq is setting to become.

You will be hard pressed to find a better value.

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Worlds First Token Exchange Business Model

What Is The Token Exchange Business Model

Let’s rock.

No more waiting, no more dependence on anyone. You own tokens, you will love this token exchange. Sell them as and when you want to sell them and buy tokens even when you missed out on your favorite ICO. Take advantage of arbitrage between the current price of token and the price you paid.  Add a comment below and ask us how you can arb tokens.

For the very first time in the history of crypto currency, Investors can sell their tokens as soon as they receive them, without having to wait for the token to be listed on the crypto exchanges. This unique model will attract millions of ERC20 token owners to liquidate their token for Ethereum or Bdaq. Liquidation in lieu of Bdaq will give 20% additional value as compared to liquidation for Ethereum.  In this way the value of Bdaq token will grow exponentially, there is a limited supply (As all the unsold tokens will be burned at the end of ICO) and Bdaq is the first and only place where instant token liquidity is available for all ICO investors.

Every transaction on the Bdaq platform will attract a fee paid in the Ethereum (or Bdaq) and this act will potentially result in the rapid growth in the value of Bdaq token. Bdaq Master Node will also present huge opportunity to the Crypto investors and will add to the token value.

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How To Sell Your ICO Tokens For Money

How To Sell Your Tokens For Money? Ever wondered how you can sell the tokens you bought before they get listed on an exchange, you have come to the right place.

Sure some people listed them on different forums asking others if they want to buy but how do you sell them where you don’t have to trust a total stranger? That’s where a cypto token exchange comes handy. is one to go. Simply a place, which will allow you to sell your tokens when you want to.

How it works
Bdaq is the world’s first free flowing liquidity platform where you can buy and sell your crypto tokens right after you buy them.

Instant Liquidity

Sell you tokens as soon as token sale ends without waiting for the exchange listing.
Equal Opportunity

In this platform all investors get an opportunity to buy an ICO token even if they denied in the crowd token sale.

Zero Delay

You can Buy and Sell when transactions start instantly after token sale.

No more waiting

No more being at the mercy of the issuer

Who cares if the issue is taking long to get listed on the exchange, when you can sell now

No need to trust a total stranger.

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One of the most distributed ICO of the 2018. Why? Because it solves a real problem.

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