This whitepaper of bdaq is a must read. It provides a solution to fundamental problem faced by so many ICO investors.  Initial coin offering has made over night millionaires and all for the right reasons.  The main purpose is to build to provide clear distinct advantage to early movers.  ETH was ICO’ed at 30 cents and went as high as around 1600 dollars.  Imagine if you had participated in ETH ICO?

AS the ICO’s became hot, more and more companies and people got into them and with it came a problem. For example last year more than 5 billion was invested in ICO’s, that is not the problem. The tokens purchased from these ICO’s are assets you can’t sell. Imagine you have 100,000 worth of tokens but you can’t sell them until the company issuing ICO gets them listed on one of the crypto exchanges.

This is a problem, who wants their assets to be locked. This is the reason a new breed of exchange had to be developed. An exchange, which puts the power in your hands and allows you to sell your tokens as and when you want to.

Bdaq Whitepaper starts like this :

With the advent of ICOs, crypto currencies have become an important channel for funding businesses. Currently crypto-currency tokens are primarily traded on a few centralized crypto exchanges. But investors using these exchanges are hampered by serious problems, including:

» Lock-in of wealth in new tokens for lengthy periods preventing trading
» Lengthy delays before new tokens are listed on an exchange (if at all), preventing investors from

trading in their new ICO tokens.
» No reliable safeguards for user funds because of centralised nature of exchanges
» Decentralised exchanges are slow, risking execution outcomes
» There are many investors who are whitelisted for an ICO but don’t get a chance to participate in the

crowd sale

In this whitepaper, we propose a secured and scalable solution to these problems and present a platform where crypto investors can sell their tokens as soon as they receive them, regardless of listing delays and tokens are safeguarded from theft / hacking.

We also present a concept of a Master Node, an opportunity that will be presented to the participating supporters for owning geographic territories on our Blockchain and sharing consistent revenue from their territories.

Additionally, we will discuss our proprietary algorithm that uses publicly available anonymized data of crypto investors and segments them to avail lucrative investment opportunities in blockchain and lets them buy tokens of any ICO they want to.

We will issue 600 million Bdaq tokens during Private Sale, Pre-ICO and ICO. Bdaq tokens will be used to provide immediate liquidity for the safe, instant trade of any ERC20 token, in addition to Ethereum.Furthermore, Bdaq will also release its public API interface to give developers and other companies in the ecosystem, the opportunity to develop tools and platform using Bdaq services such as liquidation requests, Smart Investor Match and interacting with the Master Nodes.

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