How To Sell Your ICO Tokens For Money

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How To Sell Your Tokens For Money? Ever wondered how you can sell the tokens you bought before they get listed on an exchange, you have come to the right place.

Sure some people listed them on different forums asking others if they want to buy but how do you sell them where you don’t have to trust a total stranger? That’s where a cypto token exchange comes handy. is one to go. Simply a place, which will allow you to sell your tokens when you want to.

How it works
Bdaq is the world’s first free flowing liquidity platform where you can buy and sell your crypto tokens right after you buy them.

Instant Liquidity

Sell you tokens as soon as token sale ends without waiting for the exchange listing.
Equal Opportunity

In this platform all investors get an opportunity to buy an ICO token even if they denied in the crowd token sale.

Zero Delay

You can Buy and Sell when transactions start instantly after token sale.

No more waiting

No more being at the mercy of the issuer

Who cares if the issue is taking long to get listed on the exchange, when you can sell now

No need to trust a total stranger.

Want a good deal for Bdaq tokens. Please add a comment below and let us help you get the best value for your money.

One of the most distributed ICO of the 2018. Why? Because it solves a real problem.

P.S : don’t forget to ask us how you can use your existing tokens to make money.

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