Worlds First Token Exchange Business Model

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What Is The Token Exchange Business Model

Let’s rock.

No more waiting, no more dependence on anyone. You own tokens, you will love this token exchange. Sell them as and when you want to sell them and buy tokens even when you missed out on your favorite ICO. Take advantage of arbitrage between the current price of token and the price you paid.  Add a comment below and ask us how you can arb tokens.

For the very first time in the history of crypto currency, Investors can sell their tokens as soon as they receive them, without having to wait for the token to be listed on the crypto exchanges. This unique model will attract millions of ERC20 token owners to liquidate their token for Ethereum or Bdaq. Liquidation in lieu of Bdaq will give 20% additional value as compared to liquidation for Ethereum.  In this way the value of Bdaq token will grow exponentially, there is a limited supply (As all the unsold tokens will be burned at the end of ICO) and Bdaq is the first and only place where instant token liquidity is available for all ICO investors.

Every transaction on the Bdaq platform will attract a fee paid in the Ethereum (or Bdaq) and this act will potentially result in the rapid growth in the value of Bdaq token. Bdaq Master Node will also present huge opportunity to the Crypto investors and will add to the token value.

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